The Coastal Council of Teachers of Mathematics (CCTM) was formed in 2006 to promote innovative teaching of mathematics in the Coastal Bend area of South Texas.


A regional affiliate of the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM), the CCTM sponsors an annual conference each summer, ME by the SEa, which brings together 300+ local mathematics educators.

CCTM members also provide annual Family Learning Institute events for local educators.  These free institutes for teachers and administrators provide examples and resources for hosting family learning events such as Family Math Nights and Family Science Nights.

CCTM Officers & Board Members

Council officers and board members are elected annually according to the CCTM Constitution. As of 9/2014, the current officers and board members are:

Title Name Expires
President Melana Silva 8/31/2015
Past President
President Elect Richard Rupp  8/31/2015
VP Elementary Harry Samuels 8/31/2016
VP Secondary Kim Moore 8/31/2015
Secretary Vanessa Garza 8/31/2015
Treasurer Sherry Bair 8/31/2016
Parliamentarian Marcia Venzon 8/31/2016
NCTM Reprentative George Tintera 8/31/2016
TCTM Representative
Director of Publications
Conference Board Representative  Tonya Jeffery  8/31/2016
Government Relations Representative

Minutes from Board Meetings

Minutes of 5-4-2015 Meeting

Minutes of 4-16-2015 Meeting

Minutes of 3-23-2015 Meeting

Minutes of 2-16-2015 Meeting

Minutes of 4-21-2014 Meeting

Minutes of 3-24-2014 Meeting

Minutes of 2-24-2014 meeting

Our Logo

The logo of the CCTM is the nautilus shell, whose chambers increase in number and size with the growth of the animal. The shell curvature demonstrates the Fibonacci numbers: 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, …

The nautilus illustrates a “golden spiral” of Fibonacci Numbers.


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